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After a long day outside in the terrain with your "motor beast" between your legs roaring. You feel like the king of the universe as if nothing can touch you. This I call a satisfying experience, but to have a complete and satisfying day, I have to finish with a great movie before I go to sleep. Where will I find an awesome variety of movies online for free if not from khmer kovie online? It's a great software that really helps me to complete everyday and then I can sleep like a baby.

You might be thinking I'm crazy. You might be thinking "what the heck does motor freak has to talk about movies all of a sudden?". Well, for me it's the contrast between what I do all day with my "terrain monster" and it`s difficult, hard, fun, dangerous activity and the other half of the day which is: coming home, putting all of my gear into place, cleaning my adorable "wheels demon", taking a shower, watch a movie, making love to my wife and then go to a very sweet sleep.

See how my day is broken into to two parts? The hardcore yet fun part and then, the relaxing part.

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